Monday, January 31, 2011

Randoms for January

*I got Anthony all registered for Preschool for next September!

*In an effort to get my children out of the house and socialize with other kids, for the past two Wednesdays I have taken them to a story/play time event held at our library. Anthony and Molly were timid at first being around a bunch of other kids they didn't know, but by the end of the first trip and definitely the second time we went, they lightened up and actually participated. They had a great time playing with the other kids, listening to a story, dancing and singing, etc. I think this will be a new weekly thing for us.....it'll be good for them. 

*This past Wednesday at the library I met a couple with a small boy who I learned live out my way. They use to live in the Portland area, but have been out here for 3 months and I hope to meet up with them sometime. The Mama seems really down to earth and sweet.

*We bought two whole crabs on sale at the grocery store yesterday and we plan on happily devouring them tonight. I can't wait. I LOVE CRAB.

*Friday evening Sammy stayed home and watched the kids and I headed out to The Windy Ridge to listen to my gal pal and her siblings sing and play guitar. They were all acoustic and awesome! Earlier in the week I had helped her make some fliers advertising she'd be there singing, so I owed it to her to go and listen. :) I ate breaded cod and french fries, had a few drinks, and sat back and enjoyed the music. 

*I really have to clean my fish tank.....ugh....but I just don't wanna! It's such a pain in the butt.

*The Friday after this one, on the 11th, I fly to NY. Thinking of flying by myself with the two kids is making me want to vomit! AHHHH!! But once we get there, all will be well. It's just the to and from stuff that's getting to me. I'm excited to see my family and some friends. I REALLY have to start packing!!!

*Taxes getting done this Thursday. Finally. 

*I got a new phone. It's a Droid. I'm not all knowledgeable about phones and all their hoop-la, but I do know that my phone is pretty rad and it's going to take me forever to learn how to use it and all the app stuff and what not. I was long overdue for a new phone.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. I enjoyed devouring crab with you, lol. we will have to make it monthly thing!!

  2. that last comment was me Sammy if you couldn't tell. haha

  3. I'm not up on the phone thing either, but I think that's a pretty sweet one to have. You'll have to text me some pictures!!!

    You'll do great with the kids on the plane! I hope you have a really great time!

    Sorry to hear about preschool. The library is a good thing, I did that with my boys too. My boys still enjoy going to the library weekly. They get books, CD's Movies, play on the computer sadly no more story time though! lol

  4. Yum .. crab :)

    Good luck on the plane! You're a brave woman! Sounds like something I would do. My hubby is always working.

    I'm in the same boat as you with preschools. But, sadly I don't mind keeping mine home as long as possible, lol.

    Yay for a new phone! I'm sure you'll love it, I heard they're pretty awesome.

  5. my mom used to take me to library stuff a lot too, i had forgotten about it! :) Cool


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