Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Thoughts

*Exactly one month until the kiddos and I are on our way to NY! I probably should start packing now.....Lord knows it's going to take me a whole month to do it. 

*We got an inch or so of snow and I think are expecting some more tonight. I'm excited for the kids to have snow to play in again......though I'm more excited for it to be spring and summer time already. I'm craving warmer weather, sprinklers, bikes, swings, the sandbox, pools, etc. etc.  

*Molly is hilarious. She likes to brush her teeth with me and every time I spit in the sink, she tries to spit too. Every time I dip my toothbrush in the water, she does too. Ohh gosh, it's soooo cute! I have to remember to try and get photos of her brushing her teeth.

*Anthony is working on singing the alphabet! He's got the tune down, but gets his letters mixed up. He makes me sing it for him a hundred times a day I swear! Cracks me up listening to him.....he'll have it down soon.

*Sammy got a few raises at work, on top of the raise he got because of his new position!! I'm stoked we will be able to start paying down some bills. I'm proud of Sam for always seeing us through the rough times.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. yay 1 month!!!! Ahh your bicepts will be ripped soon enough. I work out like once every 2 weeks lol

  2. LOL. That's better than never, yeah!?

  3. Way to go!! Keep up the good work! I wish I could report the same here, I've really been slacking and once you loose some weight (I know it's not a weight thing for you, it's your back, but it's the extra pounds and healthy living for me) and then hit a brick wall it's tough to want to keep going. I need your motovation!!

  4. Thanks!! You've already lost quiet a bit of weight, you better keep going!! :) I know what you mean about the motivation....once you stop it's hard to start again! I'll be your cheerleader for you! ;)

  5. Thanks, post more of you in those tiny shorts, and that'll motivate me! "I wanna be thin like Becca...I wanna be thin like Becca".....

    Oh and I can't believe how many spelling errors I post to your blog, they need to add a spellcheck function!!

  6. LOL!

    I don't notice any spelling mistakes! And I'm sure I make just as much if not more! haha


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