Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy 10 Months, Mols!

My little Mols is 10 months old today! I just can't believe we are quickly approaching her 1 year mark. Molly's 9th month has sure been a busy one for her! She's learned some new skills! Maybe that's why she hasn't been sleeping so well these past few weeks....her mind just keeps on spinning learning new things!

My Dearest Mols,

I think it's super duper rad that you've got these new skills going on and all, but I want you to go back to sleeping though the night so Mama and Papa can as well. No need to worry your pretty little head over learning anything new for awhile. OK? Besides, the more you learn, the more you're growing up. And we already discussed how I need you to stay little forever.

Thanks baby girl

Love you! x0x0

Pic courtesy of Grandma

So what are her new skills, you ask?

*Molly can now go up the 2 steps on our front porch (but not back down, lol).

*She dances! Whenever Mama or Papa sings a little song she starts to bounce around. She does the same for any music on the TV or radio. She cracks me up and looks so sweet I just want to eat her up! haha

*Molly uses her music table to walk around the living room! She's just too cute. I thought about letting her use this one walking toy that has wheels, but since we have hardwood floors I foresee that not going well. The music table works. She gets to jam while she walks around. Nice!

*She can close doors. At first I thought it was Anthony closing the bedroom doors. I'd yell for him to open them back up. He'd come running up to me saying it was baby. Hmmm.....I was skeptical. But it WAS Molly! She scoots herself behind the door and she crawls pushing it closed with her head, as well as just getting behind it and pushing it closed with her cute little hands. She's pretty much obsessed with closing doors at the moment. That wont fly with me when she gets a boyfriend though! ;)


*Last Wednesday night she stood by herself without holding on to anything for a good 3 seconds! She did this again on Saturday night for a good 5 seconds!! That deserves a gold star in my book.

*Molly laughs when you burp or fart. I don't even have to look at her with that "oops, I just farted" look or anything. She just starts cracking up and then looks at
you to make sure you're laughing too. Now how did she learn that? ;)

*She has gone from babbling "la la la's" to "ma ma ma's" and "ba ba ba's" Awesome! It's good to change it up every once in a while.

* Molly can now clap her hands! She likes to watch Mama, Papa, and brother Anthony clap and then clap her chunky little hands together as well!

*She has a 3rd tooth as of this morning! Ok, that's not a skill. But it's still pretty rad. And another reason why she hasn't been sleeping so well. I thought I'd just throw it in there. It's been a long time coming.

Pic courtesy of Grandma

Yes, my sweet little gal just surprises and delights me at every turn. I thought she needed a little brag. :) What will month 10 hold for us??

With love,

Mama Hauck

Monday, April 26, 2010

Poop is NOT a toy.

I have a funny story for you all...happened 30 minutes ago. If you don't like poop talk then you should probably refrain from reading. But it all just comes with the territory of being a Mama! :)

I wanted to give Molly a little naked time today....give her a chance to just air out. I don't know how many other Mamas do this, but a little fresh air does the bottom good. Anyway, so I sat her down on a pee pad on the floor in Anthony's room so the two of them could play with his tinker toys. I figured she had pooped once already today and I just changed her diaper so we'd be good. I head out to the kitchen to sweep the floor (if you already didn't know it I have an OCD obsession with sweeping my floors-haha). I'm just putting the broom up when here comes Anthony.....

"Mama, baby poop! Poop!"

What I wanted to say: "WHAT!? Shit!!"

What I actually said: "WHAT!! Oh no! Baby went poop!?"

Anthony ushered me into his room where Molly sat....big grin on her face,
little turd in her hand. It wasn't bad enough she had to go and poop on the floor....she decided her poop was something fun to play with. Lucky for me her poop was a few little solids, not a nasty softy. ;)

Now I know what you're thinking....that's absolutely disgusting. You're right. BUT it was also extremely hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing. If I hadn't been afraid she'd try and put the poop in her mouth I would have taken a photo. But she had that crazy look in her eye and I saw her tiny hand motion to her mouth and my photo opportunity passed me by.

Still chuckling, I opened up her palm and let the little nugget fall to the floor. Anthony gave me a disgusted look. I whisked her away, did some deep Molly cleaning, and placed her in front of a more appropriate toy....like some soft blocks.

Lesson for Molly: Poop is NOT a toy.

Lesson for Mama: Do NOT leave airing out baby unattended....even if she
has already pooped once that day.

Ahh the Joys of Mamahood!! I can't wait to tell Papa this one! ;)

With love,
Mama Hauck

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pool Time Fun! ...And Self Image Woes?

I think it's pretty cool that even though the town my family and I live in now is fairly small, it still has a community pool! I was excited when I learned this!

The first time I went was last May. I managed to make a friend who has a sweet little gal (who was 7 months at the time) and we met up one day at the pool. I strolled on in 35 weeks pregnant with Molly, holding my almost 2 year old little man's hand. I felt like all the mothers and teens in there were staring at me.

Gosh!! I wanted to scream that I was 22 and not 16 just to clarify things. I'm
sooo sorry I have one child attached to my hip with another one cooking in my belly while I, myself, look like a child! Yes, I have been plagued with looks younger than my actual age. Sucks in some cases, but hey, when I'm 40 maybe I'll finally look like what I should look like now....a gal in my 20's. Jealous?

So back to the pool....

The pool opened back up the end of March after being closed for the winter season.I've been wanting to take the kids to break in their new swimsuits the Easter Bunny got them for Easter. :) I decided Thursday we would actually pull ourselves together and go! Sammy got off work and we hit the road. We had such a grand time! It only took a second for Anthony to remember where we were and he got so excited! Watching him crawl on his belly in the water like a little alligator was hilarious. It was little Miss Molly's very first time in a pool! She loves the bath tub, so I had no doubt in my mind she'd love the pool too. She was thrashing her arms and legs all about trying to splash before she even hit the water! haha

I would say the only not so grand part of the evening was when I was in the girls changing room with Mols. I would like to say I'm typically not an extremely
self conscious person, but we all have our moments. I'm far from being disgusted with my body, but naturally I'm not what I was pre-babies and I wish I were! I don't particularly like to undress in front of others, but given the wide open changing area, I had no choice. Just as I was stripping down, two teen girls wandered on in and got a full view of my Mama love handles, very light (but still visible) side stretchmarks, belly pooch, and butt. Oh dang, get a full view ladies! That's right! No sex till you're 30! This is what happens! Babies and a slower metabolism!

He He He! Ha Ha Ha!

Really though, I heard one whisper (because as a Mama I have super sonic hearing), "She has a baby? Look." They both gave a little giggle and then went on their marry way. I just finished putting on my suit, scooped up Miss Molly and gave her a big 'ol smooch on her chubby little cheeks. I happily trotted myself out to the pool proudly holding my baby gal, but also hoping my thighs weren't giggling. :)

April 22, 2010




With love,
Mama Hauck

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Potty Training Update

Mr. Anthony has recently taken to peeing while standing. How stoked am I?

He'll go in, pull down his boxers, stand on his tippie toes, aim, and is then off to the races. He calls me in when he's done to have me help clean him up. All had been going well with this new way of peeing until one day last week I walked in after he called my name oh so sweetly and stepped in a big 'ol puddle of wee-wee. Gross!! Ahh well, accidents happen. Maybe he couldn't make it in time? He'd been doing a great job besides this one pee that happened to be on the wrong side of the toilet. I decided to let this one slide. High fives all around and a sticker for the chart regardless.

Well soon enough his "accidents" were showing up on my shower curtain and the floor around the tub.
These all can't be accidents. I'd be a fool to think so! Was he trying to pee in the bath tub or something!? What is this boy doing when he goes in and shuts the door!? I'd have him leave the door open so I could watch, but baby Molly makes her way in there and I hate that. I have quickly grown tired of cleaning up puddles of wee-wee and watching my shower curtain be slowly stained a tinge of yellow. Guess I'm back to diligently being his pee buddy whenever he has to go. How stoked am I now?

not so dang stoked

Lord, please give me the grace to laugh at this to keep from crying. After all, it is
kinda funny, isn't it?

With love,
Mama Hauck

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is being a neat freak genetic?

Molly likes the vacuum. You would think the noise would frighten her. Not so. She loves it! I roll it out (sometimes playfully chasing her with it-lol), get it all plugged in, and get to work. Where is Molly? Sitting off to the side with a big 'o grin on her face playing with the cord. I've read that babies become accustom to the noises they hear while in the womb. They might even be soothed by these noises. For instance, your heartbeat, your voice, a frequently played song, white noise, a vacuum...

Anthony likes the vacuum too. I tell him I'm going to vacuum and he runs around picking up all the toys on the floor. I roll the vacuum out and he helps me unwind it. After I'm all finished, he runs as fast as he can and unplugs it from the wall. He then holds the plug until I've got it all wound up and finally hands it to me so I can finish. Together we push the vacuum back to it's place in the closet making sure to give a little grunt and a hard push when it gets stuck on the area rug in front of the closet door. High fives all around and we're done!

So why do I have vacuum lovers? Could it be because Molly heard it's constant hum daily while in the womb and it has become a familiar, comforting sound not to be feared? Could it be because children love to watch and mimic what their beloved Mama and Papa do? Or could it be because the neat and clean freak gene has been passed from me onto my offspring? Who knows! ;)

With love,

Mama Hauck

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Birth Story of Molly Lynn Elizabeth

Molly's due date was June 28th, one day after Anthony's birthday. The closer we got to the end of June with Molly still in my belly, the more nervous I got that she would make her appearance on Anthony's special day. I didn't want my kiddos to share a birthday. So you could imagine how stoked I was when the 27th came and went and then....

Sunday, June 28th, exactly 40 weeks gestation

8:00 AM:
I wake up feeling exhausted, but otherwise fine. I was at 40 weeks, as pregnant as can be and I had just been running around the previous day like a mad women during Anthony's birthday party. Being exhausted sure didn't surprise me. All I wanted to do was lounge around on the couch and relax.

9:00 AM:
I head for the bathroom and experience a very, very faint "pop" sensation. I pondered the possibility of it maybe being my water breaking? With Anthony, the doctor broke my water after I had gotten my epidural, so I didn't get to feel what it was like. But I knew it could be anything from a gush to a trickle. I call the Labor and Delivery ward over in The Dalles, OR where I am to deliver. I'm told I could have just peed myself. It happens all the time with pregnant gals and I shouldn't be embarrassed. I tell the nurse I'm certain that I did not pee myself, but she's the one who knows her stuff so thanks for the info. I hang up still confused, but I smile at the thought of it possibly having something to do with my water, regardless what the nurse said. I share the news with Sammy and my mom. My mom and sister came up for an extended visit for Anthony's b-day and also in the hopes of me having the baby during her stay. I resumed lounging around on the couch.

11:00 AM:
I finally decide I needed to go lay down and possibly take a nap. My warm, comfy, cozy bed was calling my name and seemed more attractive than the chair I was in. Why the change? Either the chair suddenly became ridiculously uncomfortable to sit in or the slightly increased pressure on my pelvis was making it difficult to continue lounging where I was.

1:00 PM:
I wake up to some contractions. Nothing terrible. Nothing regular. Just annoying and uncomfortable. As I sat up in bed I had a thought.....this is probably nothing. Just like the many times over the past month, they're just mild contractions that will eventually dissipate and leave me disappointed. BUT I'm 40 weeks pregnant. I've already called L&D once. I do have mild contractions. Even if this turns out to be nothing but false labor, there is a good chance that if I play my cards right I could go in and maybe, just maybe, they'd let me be induced. Brilliant. I call L&D and tell the lady I've begun to experience some contractions. This, along with the incident earlier, was enough to warrant me coming in and being checked out. Shortly before waking up from my nap my mother had hit the road back home to her place, having to be to work the next morning. As I rushed around making sure I had my bags together, Sam called her to ask how far away she was and see if she was going to be able to call work and get the time off so she could go to the hospital with us.

1:30 PM:
Sam and I hopped in the car and start the hour long drive to the hospital. My sister stayed behind to watch Anthony. I continued to have contractions that remained fairy mild and where irregular in timing. I was still worried that they were going to trail off and not return.

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM :
Exactly an hours drive and we reached the hospital. I was surprised that in such a short time my contractions had picked up in intensity and were coming every 5-6 minutes. We were greeted by the nurse I had talked to on the phone and taken to a room. I changed into a gown and was told I would be checked for dilation and checked to see what was up with my "popping" sensation episode that morning. I was at 4 centimeters. Sweet!!! And turns out I had a "high, slow" leak of amniotic fluid. So I did feel a small pop and I did have some amniotic fluid come out. The baby had dropped further down into my pelvis and the pressure had stopped the leaking of fluid. Or so that's how I remember it all being explained to me. We were being admitted and I would have my baby that night. I was as happy as a clam and beyond the moon with excitement! I was glad I had made the decision to call L&D when I did seeing as it was an hour drive there and I wasn't disappointed by contractions going away like I thought would be the case. No need to beg to be induced, I was in labor! And I managed to not become ill with nausea and vomiting like I had with Anthony. Was this my lucky day or what?

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM:
We did the routine of paper work and getting all set up with the fetal monitor so we could check on the baby and watch my contractions. For the second time in my life I was giddy and dying of anticipation as I listened to my little one's heartbeat fill the room. I tried to settled myself in bed as best I could as my contractions came without fail and my pain level steadily rose. I didn't need to walk. I didn't want to bounce on a ball. This baby did not need any help making her way down.

At 4:10, right as the nurse was coming in to check to see where I was at dilation wise, my water broke. It was an amazing feeling. It was considerably stronger than the little "pop" I had felt that morning. I'm glad I got to feel what it was like with this labor. I laughed and told the nurse, my mom, and Sammy that my water had just broke and we watched as it filled the bed and dripped over the side. Gross to some, awesome to me. Almost immediately my contractions became more painful....like 10 fold. I was taken aback because now they seemed more painful than I had remembered them ever being with Anthony. But time fuzzes your memory, so I could be mistaken. I was finally checked and was at an 8. Things were moving so much faster this time around!! I remember curling my toes in pain as each wave of contractions hit. Sammy told me he would take away my pain if he could. How sweet. I asked if I could get my epidural then before I felt it was too late to get one. Just my luck, the anesthesiologist that was on call was out on a leisurely bike ride and he would be here in 30 minutes. 3o minutes? Are you joking!? This must be a cruel joke. I felt like In the 2 minutes it took to be checked and ask for an epidural I had gone from 8 to 10 and would be ready any time now!

I don't recall how I even lived through that 30 minutes. My brain must have blanked all that out. 4:45 rolls around and in walks the anesthesiologist. I shook his hand and tried to smile as I grit my teeth in pain. Secretly I wanted to kick him in the balls for taking so long to get there. 30 minutes was 30 minutes to long. I was told to make my way to the edge of the bed, an almost impossible task when I felt like the baby was right there, ready to come out. Thankfully, the guy made quick work and I was able to lay back down. He told me that with each contraction, the pain should be less. I pressed my eyes closed as tight as I could and tried to concentrate on ignoring the pain. I opened my eyes back up just in time to see the anesthesiologist gone and the nurses were heading out the door to do God knows what. Panic hit me. I yelled at them to get back. The baby was coming. I think my exact words were, "Wait! Wait! WAIT!!! Ohhh, the baby is coming!!!" One of the nurses runs to get the doctor, the other to take a looksie at me. "Yup," she says, "The baby is right there. Turn onto your side and pant to keep from pushing until the doctor gets here." This was absolute torture. In my head I cursed the anesthesiologist for not getting here sooner. Now the epidural had no time to kick in. I cursed the doctor for not being between my legs at that very second so I could push. A woman in labor is something to be feared.

5:00 PM:
After only a few minutes that to me felt like an eternity, the doctor was there and ready. It was time to push. The relief I felt once I was able to push was beyond words. Just like with Anthony, my mom was ready with the camera. Sammy was at my side smiling from ear to ear. The nurse was counting out loud for me. 4 pushes and 11 minutes later....

5:11 PM:
It's a girl! Welcome to the world, Molly Lynn Elizabeth! My sweet little gal was placed upon my chest and I can only hope that amongst her squirming and crying, she was able to hear my pounding heart so full of love for her. I was now the Mama to two beautiful children I loved more than anything else upon this Earth.

Molly Lynn Elizabeth Hauck
Middle name after her Mama
Born Sunday, June 28th 2009
At 5:11 PM
Weighing 7 pounds 7.7 ounces
At 19 inches long
Duration of labor from 1st contraction to birth: approximately 4 hours 15 min.

I had a fantastically fast labor and delivery. I still can't get over how swiftly things went. At first I honestly didn't even think I was in true labor! And when I realized I was, I was expecting to be in labor for hours and hours like I was with Anthony. Not so! Molly new exactly how she wanted to come. Right on time on her due date and without all the fuss! My body knew what to do and I just let it happen. I was very thankful I didn't feel deathly ill with vomiting this time around. And even though the epidural didn't have time to kick in, I wouldn't have changed a thing. Besides, it makes for a funny story. :) I have been blessed with two safe and satisfying deliveries that gave me two happy and healthy babies.

With love,

Mama Hauck

June 28, 2009
4:55 PM, gripping the sidebar trying my best to fight the urge to push. Good thing Sam was behind me...if he were in front I might have punched him in the face just because. ;)

Welcome to the World, Molly Lynn Elizabeth! 5:17 PM, 8 minutes old after being all cleaned up and placed back on mama's chest.

That wasn't all that bad, Molly! Was it? :)

A tired, haggard looking Mama

Papa giving Molly her first "bath"

June 29, 2009
Bright eyed and bushy tailed. Molly not quiet 1 full day old.

Anthony meeting Molly. Our very first family of 4 photo.

Happy tears...I know how much I have been blessed.

Big brother and little sister. Melts my heart.


Aunt Sarah

April 3, 2010
Miss Molly Tamale now a days. 9 months old. Before I know it she'll be on the phone with the boys. :)

The Birth Story of Anthony Carl

Tuesday, June 26th, 36 weeks 6 days gestation

10:00 PM:
I believe I'm beginning to feel the twinges of mild contractions. Being my first pregnancy, it was hard to decipher if what I was feeling were contractions or braxton hicks, or just...well, pain from a tiny pregnant body reaching its breaking point. My heart fluttered at the thought of possibly being in the early stages of labor.
Wednesday, June 27th, exactly 37 weeks gestation

1:00AM: Sam gets home from work and comes upstairs to bed. I tell him I'm fairly certain I've been having contractions for 3 hours now. We giggle with hopeful excitement and settle into bed unable to do anything but lay there with anticipation.

1:30 AM
I call Labor and Delivery over at the Navy Hospital on base. The contractions were unmistakably picking up in intensity, though still very much bearable. They tell me to time them for two hours and if they continue to become more intense and get to be about 5-7 minutes apart consistently to call again and come in. Sam grabs a bedside alarm clock and we settle back into bed. Over the next two hours I am continuously whacking Sam in the arm telling him I had another contraction and asking him what time it was. I jot down the times between the contractions and approximate length of each one on a little piece of paper.

3:30 AM:
I'm beginning to feel pretty ill now and contractions have been a little more painful and anywhere from 4-6 minutes apart. I decided to call and tell them I was coming in. I was crossing my fingers these contractions were doing something. I was crossing my fingers I wouldn't be told to return home to continue to labor there if indeed this was all really happening and wasn't false labor. I was so giddy with excitement! Not knowing the timetable of how things would go, I felt the need to rush and get there and be surrounded by people who knew what was going on far better than I did.

3:50 AM:
After getting into some decent clothing, fixing my hair, dabbing on some makeup (Hahaha! Yes, between contractions and vomiting I put makeup on.), we grabbed our bags and did one last check to make sure everything we wanted was packed. We hopped into the car and drove the 7 minutes to the hospital on base, puke bucket on my lap.

4:00 AM:
After a quick meet and greet at the reception desk, I'm being ushered to a room. I was more than happy to put on one of their ugly gowns. A nurse and her trainee were in and out of the room questioning me about contractions and pain level and timing. A fetal monitoring belt was place over my rock hard belly and my precious little one's heartbeat fills the room. I'm then told to just lay back and relax and we'll soon see evidence of my contractions on the screen and spit out on paper. The doctor on call will be right in. Relax? Yeah right. I'm so nauseous I can't even talk without gagging.

4:50 AM:
Doctor comes in, asks questions and checks me. Begin terrible pain....NOW. I'm at 1 1/2 centimeters. Bums, not much at all. Regardless they're going to keep me and let me continue to labor there since it's very early in the morning and I guess they've got nothing better to do than entertain a pregnant gal. Nice! I know now that I typically would have been sent home being only at 1 1/2, but I guess I must have looked like a scared, nervous little lamb who needed to be watched over.

5:00 AM - 6:05 AM: I was unhooked from the fetal monitor and Sammy and I begin to walk the halls of the hospital in hopes of moving things along. All I can say is thank the Lord it was early in the morning and no one was there. I continuously had to stop due to a contraction or a bout of vomiting. This would have made for a pretty sight for some had it been during the day. We walked for what seemed like an eternity, even though it was only an hour.

6:05 AM - 11:00 AM:
We finish walking our hour and return back to the room. Nurses were zipping in and out doing I don't remember what. We began to fill out a mess of papers pertaining to being admitted, insurance, permissions, etc. You would think this was boring. Not true. It was surprisingly made entertaining when every now and again I'd have to lean over and throw up or stop altogether for a bit as I got another contraction. Not to mention the near illegible handwriting from me due to being so nervous and feeling so ill I was shaking.
I asked if there was something I can be given to calm my vomiting. I was wasting all my energy reserves upchucking. I don't remember what I was given, but that IV was liquid gold to me. I couldn't imagine continuing on with how ill I was.

The doctor comes in and checks me. I was at 2 centimeters. I decided I'd rather remain in the room and bounce on a ball to help things out rather then continue walking and potentially running into people who were now beginning to filter in. They told me to do whatever felt right. I bounced up and down on the ball while Sam and I watched The Price Is Right on the TV they had in there. Still cracks me up when I think about that. Somewhere among all the bouncing we decide it was now a good time to make some phone calls and let people know we are in L&D for good. Also thrown in there somewhere was another check by the doctor. I was at 4 and ecstatic to have made more progress! That bouncing ball worked!

11:00 AM - 6:35 PM:
I'm hooked up once again with the monitor on my belly keeping track of contractions and baby's heartbeat. It's amazing to see the contractions on the screen and on paper right when you're feeling them. It validates that what you are feeling and the intensity of it all is REAL and unmistakable for what it is...your body doing something absolutely spectacular to prepare for your baby's arrival into this world! Sam got a kick out of watching the contractions unfold on the screen.....I on the other hand wanted to kick Sam. He'd look up at me and exclaim, "You're having another contraction!" Like I needed him to tell me that. If looks could kill.... ;)

I'm checked again and at 5 centimeters. I asked to have an epidural then. Sam asked the anesthesiologist if he could watch. The two men sat behind me chumming it up like they were long lost pals. First the spot on my back was prepped and numbed. So far so good I thought. Then all of a sudden I hear the anesthesiologist say, "Whoops, bent the needle." Supposedly my scoliosis was to blame for the mishap. But all is well that ends well. Sam got an educational show and I got sweet, sweet, pain relief.

My water was broken to keep things moving along. After, I was finally able to fall into a pain free, restful sleep. Sometime during my snooze my mom, sister, and my friend Melissa showed up. I awoke to everyone's excited, smiling faces gazing back at me. We chatted and I updated them on the happenings of the morning. I received an oil foot rub that I'm sure was spectacular....if only I could have felt it. At least it helped with the swelling in my feet, ankles, and calfs. I was still shaking uncontrollably all over with nerves and anticipation...and at that point as well as a side effect of the epidural.
6:35 PM:
In walks the doctor and checks me one last time. I was at 10 centimeters and ready. It was baby time! WAIT! WHAT? It's time? Oh God, am I really ready for this? My mind raced with a million thoughts as the nurses likewise raced around to prepare. It was all very surreal... I watched as everyone and everything just fell into place, like a well orchestrated dance. It took all of 5 minutes to get set up. I looked over at Sam anchored at my side smiling, telling me how I'm doing a great job. My mother was ready with the camera. My sister was off to the side watching the show of dancing nurses. Melissa was cheering me on. One of the nurses was counting out loud for me. 3 pushes and a mere 8 minutes later.....

6:48 PM:
It's a boy! It's a boy! We hadn't known the sex during the pregnancy, but deep down I knew my baby bump was a boy. Welcome to the world Mr. Anthony Carl Hauck!!! I stared in disbelief at the precious Angel that came out of me....I marveled at the little wonder that my husband and I made. The doctor placed Anthony on my chest, but God placed him in my heart. My glorious journey through motherhood began at that moment.

Anthony Carl Hauck
Named after his late Grandfather Anthony Carl
Born Wednesday, June 27th 2007
At 6:48 PM
Weighing 6 pounds .o4 ounces
At 18 inches long

Duration of labor from 1st contraction to birth: approximately 21 hours

My labor and delivery experience was wonderful. I had done much reading and research on how things would be, but until you're in it you can only do so much to prepare yourself. For it being my first time, I feel I did my absolute best with the knowledge I had and I'm extremely satisfied with how things went and the care I received. The doctor and nurses were kind and caring and they listened to what I wanted and when I wanted it. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

With love,

Mama Hauck

June 27th, 2007
Hooked up to the fetal monitor.

Papa = happy, Mama = not so happy. I'm between pushes. 6:45 PM

Melissa looking on. Welcome to the World Anthony Carl! 6:49 PM 1 minute old

A very unhappy baby being cleaned up.


Aunt Sarah

Brand new Mama soaking it all in

Papa in awe

June 28th, 2007
Anthony 1 day old

March 6, 2010

My sweet little boy now a days. 2 3/4 years old.
I just can't believe how fast time has gone and how much he's grown.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Many more to come....

Tomorrow is my 4th wedding anniversary. My husband and I got married back on April 5, 2006. I was 19 and he was 25. We had a very small ceremony with only a few in attendance down by the beach, not far from our home. It was an absolutely beautiful day. It has only been a few short years, but I'm excited for many more to come. Happy Anniversary, Sammy. I love you.

April 5, 2006



April 4, 2010



With love,
Mama Hauck