Monday, December 6, 2010

December Randoms

*Recently Anthony has taken to answering me, "Yes, officer!!" haha, I'm not exactly sure where he got that from, but I think it's hilarious.

*I wanted to show off our Christmas lights! I love sitting here looking at all the lights feeling all cozy and festive. It's so fun to watch Anthony and Molly get all excited! We also have a sting of big lights hanging up outside in front of the porch. I love how the lights cast a pretty glow on all of the snow. Last year we'd bundle the kids up and go outside and play in the front yard under the lights. Mols was too little to enjoy it, but Anth had a blast. I can't wait to do it again this year and watch the kids have a grand 'ol time! 

The kids' doors with their stockings. Anthony on the left, Molly on the right.
Living room window. You can see our big string of outside lights too.
The tree, Mama and Papa's door with stockings (my stocking, the one on the left, I have had since childhood) and the purty fishtank.
Living room shot.

*I'm so proud of my little Mols! She can say thank you, please, blesh you, hi, and she can nod her head yes or no when you ask her a question......like, "Molly! Do you want to sit in time out? No? Ok then, you need to calm down." :) She is just sooooo dang cute!!!

*I just finished Molly's last Christmas gift. It is a matching Mama/baby bracelet set. I wanted to make it all pearls, but didn't have the finances to buy super nice class A pearls, so I settled for class C pearls and a mix of blue beads. I've wanted her and I to have matching bracelets since the day she was born and I'm stoked I've finally made her and I one. As she gets older, I'd like to eventually make us ones with real pearls. After all, she is my little pearl. I've hung them on her stocking for Christmas! ;)


*I'm super excited for my mom to come for an extended visit on the 15th. She and my sister will be driving up from CA to spend Christmas with us. They haven't been able to visit recently because my mom got a new job, but circumstances have made it so she'll have a few weeks off before having to return the first week of January. Works for me!!! We haven't seen them since August when I had my wisdom teeth removed and my Mama came to take care of me, so a visit is long overdue. 

*Jill was asking to see new photos of my kitties Jack (black kitty) and Charlie (calico kitty), so here they are! Jack's pretty blue eyes have turned green. He is a little rascal and trouble maker. Charlie is my sweet kitty and I love cuddling with him. I mean her. They're getting bigger!!


*I was feeling better yesterday, but today I'm back to feeling pretty rotten. I really want to crawl back into bed and stay all snuggled with my 20 blankets. I think I may lose my voice. Good for the kids, yeah? hehehe! Well, better to get all this sickness out of the way now before my Mom and sister come next Wednesday.

With love, 
Mama Hauck


  1. "Yes officer"? LMAO!!

    Your talk of taking photos reminds me I have to get my butt to some digital photography classes.

    Love the decorations and lights, I never get tired of seeing pictures of your home. Some of your colours seem to be similar to ours; white doors, red(ish) walls.

    "Blesh you"? Kill me now, I'm dying from cuteness overload here. Like I always say to Sandy and she agrees, I would be SUCH a pushover for my daughter. She'd be a daddy's girl big-time!

    Diggin' the bracelets, although somehow I think they're just not me.

    Okay the kittens are total awesomeness! This from a guy who used to despise cats. Funny how dating a woman with cats can make you change your mind. Go figger.

    You're doing it backwards Becca, you're supposed to get BETTER each day. Duh. I'm looking forward to seeing a post about your visit with your mom and sister!

    Big shout-out to Jill, holla yo! Probably making bad-a$$ gangsta snow angels in NY right about now.

  2. I want to take some photography classes too. Have for a while now.

    Yeah, the living room is red....the same red we had when we lived on The Island. I HAD to bring a part of my old home with us when we moved. The doors are white, though we will eventually replace them with real wood doors. Molly's room is orange and vanilla, Anthony's room a rich green. Our room a foresty green, the kitchen is a tan color, but only because we haven't done anything in the kitchen yet. Maybe a country yellow?....when we get the money.

    I know it, it's hard to ever get upset with Molly because she is just too damn cute. You should see her try and pout in the corner!!

    Jill better me jamming to the Gangsta mix I made her!! ;)

  3. Wow your house is so pretty and festive! But i knew it would be before I even looked! haha Presents under the tree already?! Molly is becoming quite the talker. Maybe Sam is secretly training Anth for a military/navy life! lol

    Um the kittens are adorable, Jack looks like Boots did. I want to snuggle them! I'm happy your mom and S are coming to visit.

    I can't wait to listen to the gangsta CD! I was sicky and didn't want loud music on the past 2 days, but I can blare it tonight :)


  4. Pretty lights and tree. I love the color of your livingroom. You are so brave to put the gifts under the tree already...don't little sticky fingers want to get in there and rip them open?

  5. Your kitties are too cute. Wish I wouldnt sneeze if I snuggled with them.

    You did a great job on your matching bracelets. You wont need me to make you anything anymore...you're doing it all on your own. Where did you find the beads?

    I can't wait to hear all about your mom and sister visit. Are they staying through Christmas Day or later? After the long visit with them, you'll get to go out and see your dad and brother!

  6. Did I ever show you photos of our kitchen Becca? Yup, yellow walls!

  7. Jill, I know it! I was thinking that Jack looked like Boots. I wish you could come snuggle with him too! I'm glad you're feeling better. Hope you like the CD! <3

    Barry, haven't seen your kitchen. I'm interested to see the shade of yellow. I'm thinking like a country yellow.

    Lori,no sticky fingers yet, though Anthony keeps asking to open them! lol yesterday he woke up from a nap and goes, "Yay! Christmas! I open presents now!?" I had to explain to him that although he did go to sleep and he did wake up and see presents under the tree, it wasn't Christmas yet, hehehe. I'm just waiting for the day I get out of the shower and everything is open!!

    Thanks about my bracelets! Awww, you can still send me jewelry whenever you want! lol I got the beads at JoAnns Craft store. I found a good website for beads though where I plan on eventually buying my pearls when I get the money.


    Yeah!! Super excited my mom and sister get to come for a visit!! And Doubly excited (and nervous) about my trip to NY!! :)

  8. I love the Christmas lights! I might have to try that!! I know my kids would love it!

    I hope you are feeling better by now! Being sick is awful!

    Oh and I love the bracelets too! I have to say I'm jealous since I can't seem to have a girl. I think I really need one, lol! Maybe one day?

  9. Who doesn't love Christmas lights!? The ones around the kids' door I leave on all the time, they like being able to see the glow of the lights while they're going to bed. :)

    I'm feeling better! Thanks! Molly still has a bit of a runny nose, but she should be good to go by tomorrow.

    THANKS! They were fun to make, and pretty cheap too since all the beads and stuff were on sale when I got them. Lol, you never know!!! Guess you'll just have to become a Mama of 4 to find out! ;)


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