Friday, December 10, 2010

My Balls!

Anthony: "Mama! I gotta go potty!"
Me: "Ok kiddo, tell me if you need help."
Anthony:  Pulls down his pants "What's this?" 
Me: "What's up, Anth?"
Anthony: "Mama, come here, come here. What's this?"
Me: Thinking he's just pointing to his weiner "Haha, that's your weiner! You know that, silly boy!"
Anthony: "No, Mama, what's this? What's this?" 
Me: I realize he is not pointing at his weiner "Oh! Hahahaha! That's your, ummm, that's your, uhh, your balls Anthony. That's your balls. 
Anthony: "Oh! My balls! Mahahaha, my balls!" 

OMG it was the funniest thing! You just had to of been there!!! haha

With love,
Anatomy Expert Mama Hauck


  1. I never quite thought of it in terms of a scenario such as this (lol), but I think one of the most amazing things in life is to teach a child something that they will carry with them forever. Whether it's learning to ride a bike, or swim, identify a colour. Or understanding their body. It's something they didn't know before you taught them.

    Is it just me or is it kind of incredible to be able to affect another person's life like that?

  2. Too funny. I love his reaction. "My balls my balls" was he just a giggle mess? Laughing?

    My boys call them their "Kiwi's" I have no idea where it started or who started it, but it stuck.

  3. Lol, yeah, he was just full of giggles! It was just so dang funny I was cracking up! He sure was excited, lol. Kiwi's! That's hilarious!


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