Monday, September 13, 2010

September Randoms

*Coming up on a whole month without any sign of mice in the kitchen! I'm STOKED!

*Sammy and I went to a friend's wedding yesterday. It was held outside and it was beautiful! We were late though. We seriously were walking to our seats while the bride and groom were walking down the isle. lol For some reason we got stuck behind every dang semi on the road. Anyway, we had a great time! We ate yummy food, devoured cake, I drank 3 glasses of wine, we danced to one song and one song only.....our song......Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins. Here's a pic of us. It was the first time I wore a dress in a long while. Not too shabby, ehh?


*I wanted to make the kiddos homemade trick-or-treat bags for Halloween so I set out to buy the fabric. I've made one so far with the help of my handy sewing machine. I've still got one more to go, but when I'm done I'll post pics for ya'll to see. I think you'll be impressed. :)

*It really irritates me when I try my hardest to put on a friendly face and join a new group only to be shunned and left feeling like an outsider. Story of my life!!! I'm pretty much the friendliest, non-judgmental person you will meet. Why ignore me? 

*I asked Molly if she was going doo-doo and she nodded her head and I swear she said yeah. HAHAHA

*No new news on Sam's potential position. Still waiting to see when he can set up his interview. I feel like this whole process is really getting old.

*In the span of a week and a half I ate McDonalds 4 times. 4!!!! I can feel my arteries clogging.

*I always think my photography is great until I look at someone else's work. Then I feel discouraged and wonder if I will ever do anything with my photography. 

*I love how Sam gets my humor....even when no one else does.  And how we can be thinking the same exact thing and say it aloud at the same exact second and I scream, "GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" haha

*The kiddos have their first dentist appointments this Friday and I'm not looking forward to it!

*I told Sammy that as of October first I'm digging out the Halloween decorations. I want a whole month to celebrate my favorite holiday. I'm getting giddy with excitement!

*I sat and pondered what my life would be like without my children. It wouldn't be worth living. I hope to never know what that feels like.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Love that dress! Love the colors! Glad you had a good time! How did the sewing of the strap go? Halloween BAGS! No way, can't wait to see them. I haven't been happy with my box bear buddies yet, I need to redo them before I send them to the kiddos, especially now that you are "miss sewing homemaker"!! I'm excited for fall too!

  2. Thanks! Me too! I got it dirt cheap too, so that makes me love it even more! :) I was able to sew the straps shorter without too much of a problem, but I had issues sewing my strapless bra tighter because of the material. It might have been a slight botch job, but alls well that ends well! lol

    I've had my sewing machine for 6 months now and only really used it for hem jobs, but I really wanted to make the kids something cool. Can't wait to finish so I can show you!! I LOVE FALL!

  3. Lost a follower, how is that even possible? You're too mamalicious.

    As for those who shun you, eff 'em. Why waste time with those who won't give you some of theirs?

    Man I can't believe there's been no definitive word on Sam's position yet, that's crazy. Sucks having to keep certain things in limbo.

    Hooboy, I don't envy you one bit taking the kids to the dentist on Friday. Better have those mojitos ready.
    Make sure you bring some for yourself too.


    Enjoy your get-together tonight.

  4. 3 glasses of wine?!!! YAY U GO BEC! Look what I taught you haha. And you taught me to be more country. Meg laughed seeing me in cowboy hat lol.
    I didn't know you had sewing machine! I haven't used one since middle school, I can only sew buttons and small holes.
    LOL 4 McD's visits is completely acceptable. I've eaten McD's, Taco B., Wendy's and BK in one week also if that makes u feel better :) Sometimes u just don't wanna cook.(for me that's most times!)
    I love halloween!

  5. LOL, the kind I had tasted like strawberries and 7 up. Yum.

    Oh yeah! I remember home economics class, haha! We made little animal pillows. :)


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