Friday, September 10, 2010

Molly's First Word

About 2 weeks ago Molly said her first REAL word!!


HAHAHAHA! We have a Sesame Street food mat on our table she likes to sit and look at while munching on her favorite treats. I was pointing to Elmo and saying his name and Anthony was chiming in and we were both going back and forth trying to get Molly to say Elmo. I got up to clear the table when the little Mols chirps up with a perfectly pronounced Elmo. AHHH!! I whipped my head around and gave a little shriek and scared her with my excitement, LOL. 

Now every time we sit down at the table Anthony tries to get her to say Elmo and the two of them will sit there and point and chatter back and forth. Too cute. Unless they're not eating because they're too busy playing and knocking over food and drinks in all their excitement. Then it's not cute. 

Today Anthony had a crayon and Molly was trying to take it and I heard Anthony tell her no. Then I SWEAR I heard her in her little Molly voice say NO back at him. I hope I was just dreaming. Having both my children know the word no isn't my idea of a good time.

What will her next word be? 

In other kid news, Anthony is now without his signature mohawk. We typically give him a mohawk for the summer months and then cut it off come September. It gets to be a pain in the butt to do his hair up all the time. Now we can save money on hair gel. 

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. You forgot to write here about Molly's first word? Duuude...epic infant grammatical fail!

    (Kid has more hair than I do, sheesh).

    Hey, did you ever hear the one about the woman doing QA on the Elmo assembly line? If not lemme know.


  2. PS: wait 'til she's dating some guy. You'll pray she says 'no' all the time.

  3. Here's me, hijacking this post.

    Dropping by (again) Becca to share this story with you, thought you might enjoy it....


  4. Hey ms. mama- Its so exciting when they first learn how to talk and THEN they don't stap and you wish they couldn't talk. ;o)

    PS...I try to comment all the time but my darn work computer won't allow me. Grrr...

    Hope you guys are having a great weekend.

  5. I know it. Bad Mama! LOL No, can't say I've heard that one yet. Thanks for sending me that blog link! That pretty much sounds like me, HAHA! Think I'm going to take a nice relaxing bath all by my lonesome and wind up having both kids in with me. :)

    Hey, Taylor-Ann! So pretty much the same deal as crawling....walking...etc. etc. ;) Makes me happy to know you read. :)


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