Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mouse Adventures

August 16, 2010. 7:30 Am.

I decided I needed to stop playing pillow monster with my babies in bed and get up and start the day. After plopping my kiddos at the kitchen table for some breakfast I headed for the toast and what did I see?

Mouse poo on the counter. Again. Dark brown, perfectly formed little mouse poo. I cursed under my breath so the little ones didn't hear. But alas! What do my eyes see!? A pretty little dead mouse in the snap trap in my towel drawer. That brings the total to 4.

August 17, 2010. 6:00 Am.

The husband leaves for work. I tossed and turned in bed trying to fall back asleep. From the kitchen I heard the unmistakable clapping sound of a mouse trying to escape from a sticky trap. SUCCESS AGAIN!! I leapt out of bed giddy with excitement and whipped open the drawer. Friends, I did my happy dance right then and there. The total is now 5.


Every morning for the past week I have awoken to find mouse poo either on my kitchen counters, under my sink, or in my towel drawer.

Precautionary measures?

*I've removed all my dish towels to an undisclosed location so no more fall victim to mice chewing.

*After finding mouse poo in my silverware drawer, I disinfected every last piece in the dishwasher AND hand washed them. I covered the back entrance of the drawer and then for extra measure placed layers of paper towel on top of all the silverware and then tucked underneath the silverware holder fully protecting them from future mice exposure.

*All food left on the counters (for lack of room elsewhere) is now stored in plastic containers instead of simply being wrapped. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, death for you.

* I have studied and noted where these invaders like to go. What they like to eat. What they take from me to make for their bedding. I have strategically placed their little death traps in prime traffic areas with towel threads on them and tasty peanut butter or half a blueberry.

Every morning and then periodically throughout the day I make a routine scan of the traps I have placed around the kitchen. For a couple days, to my dismay, I was noticing my peanut butter licked off and my blueberries missing WITHOUT setting the snap traps off. Oh was I pissed!!! I thought how could this be? A fly could set these traps off!! How in the hell.....

I still can't say how these crafty suckers were doing it. But they fueled my anger and so I broke out the big guns. A whole slew of sticky traps were unwrapped and primed with their favorite treats and towel threads and set up along with the others I already had. The snap traps were baited again and then pressed ever so lightly by the hubby to "prime" them for less weight.

This tactic obviously worked wonders.

But how much longer must this go on? I've had to go out and buy more kitchen cleaner and sponges. I'd rather wake up and find NO mouse poo and NO dead mice in the traps and have them be gone for good than to smirk over their dead bodies.
Bad Ass Mama: 5
Furry Invader: Some peanut butter and a few blueberries.

With love,

Mama Hauck

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