Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We Hit A Baby Nothing

Saturday we had a fantastic day at the fair that was being held in our little town of Goldendale. The kids were good, the food was good, the animals were fun to look at and touch and we all enjoyed the rodeo. That night we went out to dinner with my gal friend and her new lover. We went to a local Mexican joint and I had the most delicious enchiladas accompanied with a Cosmopolitan. 

But that's not the story. This is.....

So we're driving home and turn onto a back road with about 5 miles left till home. Kids in the back seat chattering away, hubby and I discussing whether we should set up the tent and camp out in the yard that night (we didn't, but think we will sometime this week  just for funsies), and all seemed right in our little Hauck world. Then BAM!

We hit a baby deer.

I mean, we hit a "nothing." 

This deer just magically appears in front of our car on my side like it was just teleported there. Sammy slammed on the breaks, but we must have skid a good 15 feet or so with the baby nothing sliding in front of the car the whole time. Finally we come to a stop and the baby nothing just ups and hops away. Like we were nothing but a miner inconvenience in it's day. I can't believe we didn't see little baby nothing parts scattered about the road.

Meanwhile, Sammy and I look at each other like "what in the hell?" as Anthony chirps up from the back....

"Mama? What was that?" 
"Oh, that? Yeah, haha. That was a baby.....ummmm....uhhhh.....nothing! We hit a nothing, kiddo! Ohh! Look at the sun!"

Clever of me to change the topic, huh?

I'm already a mouse murderer. I don't need my babies knowing between my husband and I, we've hit a handful of deer. One of which being a baby. He sooo loves watching the deer that wander into our yard every day and even talks to them.

Squirrels on the other hand we go out of our way to hit, shoot, and sick our dogs on. ;) 

So while the baby nothing gets away with no visible damage, I get left with a headache and jaw ache from clenching my teeth so hard. Why is that my bodies reaction to stress? Ugh.

With love, 
Mama Hauck


  1. AHHH!
    I'm glad u were all OK!!!

  2. Yup, we were fine. Just a headache for me from clenching up and bracing myself for impact. Natural reaction I suppose. :)


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