Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time To Learn To Cook?

I am not a cook. I fear and loathe cooking. I've admitted it to ya'll before in passing (I think). But if you never caught on, I'll now admit it outright. I am not a big fan of cooking. On a fun scale of 1-10, cooking pretty much is a 1, maybe a 2....but that's pushing it. It's just not my idea of a good time, so I tend not to do it at all. It's messy and it seems hard and makes me think in measurements and degrees and stuff. That's some scary math stuff! I fear math! Ugh. I need one of those measurement conversion magnet things to go on my fridge. (And no, my lack of cooking skills is not the fault of my Mother. She tried her best when I was younger to show me the ways of the cooking world.....I just couldn't retain all the information. Sorry Mom.)

When I say "cooking" I'm not talking like boxed mac and cheese, hot dogs and brown beans, PB and J's, and frozen pizza with a side salad type of cooking. Of course I can do that and I do it all the time so my children don't starve to death during the day. I'm talking REAL cooking. Grab things out of the cupboard and slap them together to make something delicious type of dinner cooking. Find a sweet, new recipe in the cookbook and whip it up type of cooking. Sammy can do all this. He likes it.  

I understand this whole situation might seem a little...odd.  The hard working man goes off to work to provide for his family only to return home to cook dinner for his wife and kids? Gosh, I can feel the hate glares upon me now. How horrible am I? Can't even cook dinner for my own family. Why did Sam even agree to marry me!?

Now just to give some credit where credit is due, I do have a few recipes up my sleeves. I can at least follow a recipe if, for some weird reason, I DID feel like cooking.....like my husband needed the day off or for special occasion. But I have to follow it EXACTLY and even then I ultimately wind up needing Sammy to assist me for one reason or another or decipher what the heck the recipe is talking about. Here is a short list of meals I have prepared with my own hands.

*Homemade mac and cheese.....a family recipe
*Homemade tuna noodle casserole (I can actually do this one all on my own, without a recipe!)
*Homemade calico beans
*Homemade heavenly hamburger.....a family recipe
*Homemade stroganoff.....a family recipe

And most recently
*Homemade.....from scratch....blueberry muffins with a cinnamon sugar crumbly top.


With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. I do enjoy cooking very much, and I love cooking for my family, I know you will enjoy cooking just as much as I do. I am super stoked for you and for me. Because it always tastes better when somebody else cooks it. I love you sweetheart. Sammy

  2. Okay, first of all you have an awesome husband. How great was that comment huh?

    "I understand this whole situation might seem a little...odd. The hard working man goes off to work to provide for his family only to return home to cook dinner for his wife and kids?"

    The hard-working husband returns home to cook dinner for his wife who has been working just as hard if not more so (no offence Sam). I think anyone who still feels this arrangement is slanted in hubby's favour after reading through your blog should take over your duties for a while.

  3. PS: Please find a way to mail or fax the above sweets to me.

  4. I know it. :) Such a sweet man. How ever did I get so lucky? He loved the muffins too!

    I'm all up for someone spending a day....or two....or three in my shoes. Outward appearances on one's life are often misleading because we all put on our best face to the world.

    I'm afraid by the time I get to the post office there will be none left!

  5. B~ first thank you so much for sending those pictures. I got them yesterday. I did type (try) an email on my phone to say thanks but you and I both know how well service is at my house so today I'm at the library again. But thanks for all of your help with the photo's and blog posts! I really appreciate it!!

    I wasn't really into cooking in my 20's, poor Jacob ate a lot of the same things, but now in my 30's I really love to cook. Last night I took a bunch of veggies and rice and made a kick ass stir fry with soy, ginger, a little molassas and toasted sesame seeds. It was super good, even the kids ate that one. I wish I could send some of my passion your way, but you need to do it on your own time. I also love cooking with all of the wild fruit we have growing on our property. We have plums, elderberries, grapes, blackberries, raspberries, chokecherries, pin cherries. It's so much fun to find a new one and try to make something! I didn't have a recipe and made some awesome wild plum freezer jam! Ask Cathy about it!! Anytime you want some EASY but yet still called homemade recipes, let me know!! I've got tons! You have to keep in mind at my house, there are several factors too, like me I don't eat meat and can't eat Dairy, and for years Jacob was on a gluten free diet, so I've had some time to practice my cooking stills!!

    I'm happy your BFF Jill is coming today! Have a great time!!

  6. ps....the muffins look soooo good! Send me the recipe please!

  7. My mouth is watering right now, those muffins look amazing. I was like you and hated to cook, but I found some simple recipes on allrecipes.com to try. Start simple and easy; disaster proof recipes. Ill send you some that have been easy to make and worked out great. If your up for it. :o)

    Happy BFF Day!

  8. I had one! They were delish :D
    Thanks BFF


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