Monday, June 14, 2010

My Dearest Anthony

Are you trying to give me a heart attack? One day you decide to go missing for a few minutes causing me heart palpitations, hyperventilation, and horrible thoughts of kidnappers, and the next you're trying to drown yourself in a hot tub. I don't know if your life flashed in front of your eyes, but it did in front of mine! I checked the mirror this morning and could have sworn I saw a gray hair on my head. Stress? I mean, come on, Anth. I told you to sit right on the hot tub seat and not move. A simple request, no? Do you realize you're making my parenting skills look very poor? I'm expecting all sorts of "shame on you's" and "what were you thinking" hate e-mails to be sent my way.

All I wanted to do was walk the 10 feet to take a few cute pictures of Molly and Papa. Did you think your blubbering shrieks of, "Mama, Mama!!!" would add to the relaxing atmosphere we had going on? The look of sheer panic on your face and the sight of your arms flailing over your head as you bobbed up and down took years, YEARS, off my lifespan.

I'm quiet impressed with myself though....it took all of one second to get to you and pluck you out. One handed I might add because the other hand was still occupied with my camera. Your upchucking of beef sticks and strawberries all over the ground and my feet was a nice touch to your unfortunate hot tub experience.

Next time you wont move off the seat, will you? But I think if you hadn't freaked so much and over panicked, you would have realized you could have stood and tilted your head just a smige and you would have been fine. But hey, we all know I'm not the biggest fan of water either. The thought of deep water makes me panic. The thought of you and Molly around any type of deep water makes me panic even more...but I try to hide the fear so you two don't pick up on it and let you experience all the joy water has to offer. Needless to say this blubbering, water inhaling experience was SO NOT what I needed to calm my water hating nerves. So lets just agree to listen to Mama next time....for the sake of my health and a long, happy life. Thanks baby boy. I think you owe me a thanks as well....for saving your life!!



*Disclaimer: No children were harmed in the making of this life memorable moment (hahaha). Close calls are going to happen, you can't prevent them all. That's life. If you're a Mama or Papa, you already know this. All you can do is pray you'll be around to keep them as close calls instead of truly horrible occurrences. No hate mail please! :)


  1. DS went in head first in the bathtub last night... I FEEL YOU. it was about an inch of water but i felt as if my heart suddenly stopped. ugh.

  2. AHH!! Only an inch of water or not, I bet that was scary. :( I hate that panic heart stopping feeling!! I'm glad he's ok!


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