Monday, June 7, 2010

June is now upon us...

And I have mixed feelings.

I'm all about the sunshine, warm weather, kiddie pool, lemonade, etc. etc. In fact, summer is my 2nd favorite season (Fall is dearest to my heart). And of course it can't be summer without June.

My birthday is in July, so we have to get through June to get to July.

My daddy is flying in this July to spend two weeks with us. My mother in law is also flying in this July for a visit. And like I've already stated, we have to get through June to get to July.

My BFF from growing up is flying in for a visit for the very first time this September. We have to get through June to get to September.

So I should be super super stoked that it's June, right?


June is the month my babies turn 1 and 3.

True, their party will make for a grand time (I hope) and I'm excited to watch them in all their wonder eating their cake, opening gifts, playing around.....But honestly, why does June think it can just stroll on in and make my babies a year older? :( Wasn't it just yesterday I was holding a newborn little Molly in my arms and my 2 year old little guy was staring in wonder? That wasn't a WHOLE YEAR ago, was it? I refuse to think that the coming years will fly by just like the previous ones have. I'll be reduced to tears if I sit here and dwell on the fact that I can not control time and keep my babies from getting older. *sigh* I really did beg June not to come.

So for all those that don't know, Anthony's birthday is June 27th and Molly's is June 28th. Pretty cool, huh? We've decided to throw them a joint birthday party on the 26th. As they get older we'll do the same joint party, but have each one pick what they want to do on their special day. I think that will be fun.

Anyway, so I've been planning and pulling things together for their party:

Sent out invites on FB

Sent out invites in the mail

Went to the Dollar Store (I'm a Mama on a budget) and picked up all the plates, cups, napkins, utensils, table cloths, balloons, etc.

Ordered and wrapped birthday gifts

Tried to get people to RSVP. Got sad when many friends and family said they weren't going to attend. Got excited when at least my grandparents and one aunt and uncle said they'd be coming. Gone back and forth on whither I should beg/cry to get people to come. Ultimately decided to keep my cool....kids b-days aren't such a big deal to most people (even though I take the time and go out of my way to attend other people's events). Wow, I need to control my sad bitterness before someone thinks I'm a big crazy, whiny, meanie head. After all, sometimes people really do have ligit reasons they can't make it. But not always.
I've done mini photo shoots with both kids so I can have cute pictures to display at the party.

Gotten our sandbox all set up for kiddos to play in. Gotten things together for our kiddie pool for kiddos to play in.

I still have to think up a menu. I'm thinking burgers and hot dogs with side dishes like brown beans, homemade mac-n-cheese, fruit and veggie platters.We were thinking of doing one big cake. Then thought maybe two separate cakes. Then saw at the Dollar Store they have these individual pie slices that are NO LIE, delicious!! Wouldn't that be something unique to do-get tons of individual pie slices? I don't know. That's still all up in the air right now.

What's the date today, the 7th? So that's like 19 days until party time and 20&21 days till actual b-day time. Oh gosh golly. Times a tickin'.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. Hope the kiddos have a wonderful birthday!!! Post lots of pics :o)

  2. Hey B! I know what you mean about the RSVP thing. I feel the same way you do. I ALWAYS reply, it's just the right thing to do when people go out of their way to invite you, that means they thought about you and you should inturn reply one way or the other. I'm not going to mention names, but I had a party for my boys a few years back and had invited this one family, they said they couldn't come, well then later I saw a posting on facebook that said they had gone to dinner that night with friends. It's sad, but some people just don't get it. I wish we lived closer, I would make sure to be there!!

    Have a great time, love on those babies! Do you best and it'll all work out!!

    I think the pie sounds good! Or a favorite of my boys is DAIRY QUEEN cakes!!! YUMMY!

  3. Oh boy, Lori! That's so crappy to say the least! Things like that really do make my blood boil. I mean I'll be sad, but I'll understand if someone just honestly really doesn't want to attend for whatever reason....but to lie and make something up is just beyond hurtful. I've had plenty of situations like that and it does suck. :(

    I've decided I'm going to stop stressing about things. Stressing and over analyzing isn't making this a very enjoyable experience. I'd hate to spend their party day grumpy or sad over something instead of relishing in all the love my babies have to give me!!

    YEAH! I was thinking ice cream cake too. There are so many options! How do I choose!? LOL

    Oh and Brianne, TONS of pictures are sure to come. ;)


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