Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have scoliosis....fancy word for curvature of the spine.

If you'd like to, check out the site below for sweet info on my condition.

My scoliosis was discovered in middle school I believe. I thought nothing of it then and obviously the doctors didn't either. It wasn't until high school that it started to cause me issues. I remember having to ask my teachers if I could stand in the back of the class because the pain from sitting too long was unbearable. Ugh. My mother took me to an Orthopedic and he told me I had a 19 degree curvature of the spine and that my pain, he thought, was from weak, out of place muscles from bad posture caused by my scoliosis. Made sense. I began to go to physical therapy to strengthen my core muscles and hopefully manage the pain I was experiencing. Working out and doing the stretches they taught me did wonders! I kept it up for a bit after I moved from NY to WA, but I got lazy and quit going to the gym. Shame on me!!

Over the years scoliosis has just become me. I've come to terms with it being just something that I have and always will have. I will never, however, come to terms with the pain I experience from it. If you think you had back pain while pregnant....take that pain and times it by 10. Yeah, now you know what I'm talking about. A month ago I went to an Orthopedic and had x-rays done to see if my scoliosis has gotten worse. I was paranoid because Sammy told me he thought my back looked worse to him. You can see the curve plain as day when you look at my back. My right hip is also higher than the left because of it. Not so noticeable to people unless I point it out to them, but of course that's all I see when I look in a mirror. It's disheartening. Just another thing to feed the poor body image conundrum.

It's kinda hard to see my curve in this photo because of the paleness of my skin/brightness of the photo, haha! But it's the best photo I could get.

The degree in my spine had not gotten worse. I was told (and I read) that typically, when you reach maturity and stop growing, the curve will also stop from getting worse. So I'm still sitting with a 19 degree curve of my spine, just like way back when. This Orthopedic looked at the x-rays and then proceeds to tell me that scoliosis in and of itself does not cause pain. He asked why I thought I've experienced such pain from the scoliosis and I responded, "Well....I have bad posture because of it?" He just told me there hasn't been an incredible amount of research done on pain from scoliosis and my answer is as good as any he could have given me. Ummmm, ok? Not really the "answer" I was looking for and expected.
I expected something like, "Your scoliosis causes you to have extreme bad posture which in turn puts much strain on your joints, muscle, etc. etc. and that's the cause of all you pain." .....just like the first Orthopedic told me with great surety and conviction. Why does this guy not have the same answer and solution for me? My upper back, neck, and especially my shoulders always feel like they are on fire and just ache all over. I can't sit up straight with my shoulders back to save my life. Am I destined to be a hunched over old woman? I feel I'm going to be that way within the next 5 years!! I wish I could get a definite answer on exactly what, how, why....And are my constant headaches and migraines related??

I'm going in this Friday to have an MRI done. The Orthopedic says its a good idea to get one done and I can also be checked for arthritis in my spine because that could be a cause for my pain. I doubt it. But it'll be nice to have this base MRI to compare to if I ever get one done again years down the line.
The following Wednesday I'll be meeting back up with the Orthopedic to go over the findings of the MRI. I'm sure it will lack excitement. I should just can those visits and get my butt back into the gym. It worked back then, it'll work now....I would hope. 

With love,

Mama Hauck


  1. I'll babysit! :D You are never boring! I hope they can figure out what is causing you pain. Let me know how it goes! Love you :D

  2. Didn't bore me! This is very interesting. Your back isn't as bad as some that I've seen. I hope it feels better soon, and that they're able to help you find some answers!

  3. True, I have seen some pretty horrific photos of people with real bad degrees of scoliosis. I'm SO THANKFUL mine never progressed any further.

    I'll be sure to give an update! :)

  4. Owi! Im sorry,, Is there a gym by you that has a daycare?

  5. Not to my knowledge....there is one gym in our itty bitty town and I believe its a small one that wouldn't have a daycare. The next closest town is an hour away....I'm sure there are gyms with day cares there, but I don't know if I'd want to do the drive to and from. But then again, the results might be well enough of a trade off to justify the drive and effort. *sigh* I live in the boonies. :) Thanks for checking out my blog "Anonymous" Hehehe


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