Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Week With Mols

So the boys are getting home tonight! Yahoo! I'm excited to see my two favorite guys and have them home with me once again. Here's Anthony on Monday right before leaving....


I had a pretty pleasant week and Mols was exceptionally good. And I totally got tons done around the house like I wanted and did a few extra things too.

*Go shopping for the kiddos birthday party supplies and a clothes hamper for Molly
I did get all the things I need for the kids birthday party, but no clothes hamper for Mols. dang.
*Get in some GOOD sleep (please, Molly??)
Ok, so molly USE to sleep through the night like a good little girl. Recently though, not so much. What's up with that? *sigh* I slept worse this week than I normal do.

*Teach Molly to walk
Well, she's not walking by herself yet, but I can hold only one of her hands and she'll waddle next to me. Sweet, huh!?
*Get a tan
Negative. I was all excited about heading outside to relax with Mols in the sun and get a tan. Sadly, it was all rain, clouds and no sun.
*Visit our friend Jessie and her adorable daughter Maddie
Jessie and her gal Maddie came over and hung out with me on Tuesday. Then I met up with them again and went to lunch on Friday. They're pretty much my fav. :)
*Maybe visit a Mama who is due to have her baby on the 22nd? COME OUT BABY!! :)
YEAH!!!!! Baby Kara was born at 7 AM on Tuesday to my friends Mary and Luke. I went on Thursday and spent a good 5 hours visiting with them. Here's a pic of me and Mols with baby Kara.


*Paint the bathroom
Check! Bathroom was painted, towels and accessories were bought.....now only a few finishing touches like painting the ceiling, finishing the trim, getting the door back up, and putting in a new fan.


*Read Cosmo
No, didn't get the chance to sit down and read my Cosmo. LOL
*Teach the dogs to patrol the perimeter of our property and put ammo in the gun (for all those crazies who might come around....I'll be ready!)
No crazies came around. Good thing too cause my doggies were right by my side all dang day and would have loved to have ripped a crazy to pieces. HAHA!
*Read blogs and make comments
Done and done!

*Loose a pound
I LOST 2 POUNDS! Nice, huh? It has definitely payed to eat my 3 meals a day without any snacking and to also watch my portion size. WAY TO GO ME! Aren't you proud? I'm truly astounded that I really lost 2 pounds in one week just by cutting things out of my diet and watching my portions. And that's weighing myself at the end of the day will a full belly. Now if only I can keep it up, isn't the first week the hardest? I did slip up once and ate Mc Donalds the day I went out shopping. But other than that I have stuck to my "no chips, no soda, no chocolate" rule. Though I know the no chocolate part of that rule will be the exception sometimes. HEHEHE
*Teach Molly to say "Papa"
Ok, so she says, "baba" which is close to Papa, right? :)
*Work on photos and other photo related projects
I printed and put up photos in the bathroom and on our one wall in the living room I've dubbed the collage wall. I also ordered one of my photos to be blown up and put on canvas. I put that up in the bathroom as well. I was SUPER STOKED to have done a photo shoot with Molly that I'd been wanting to do for awhile. Check it out if you haven't yet, it's the post right after this one. I was also excited when an old friend drove in for a visit and asked me to take some new photos for him.



*Paint Anthony's room a new shade of green
Heck yes! It might have taken me all week to finish, but it got done! I'm excited for my little man to see it when he gets home tonight! Isn't his little hunting lodge cute!? I also went and got more paint for Molly's room and touched up a few spots that needed fixing. I'm so dang handy! ;)



*Miss my hubby and son
Every minute of every day

It was nice to have more one on one time with Molly this past week, but I'm ready for my little man to come cuddle in my lap. :) 

With love,

Mama Hauck


  1. Holy Cow Mama!! You got so much done! I don't know how the heck you were able to paint two rooms with a little one under toe. I'm very proud of you!!

    Hope Sam had a good time with Tim & Connie! You'll have to post some pictures if they took any. How long did it take him to drive there?

    We had a nice day Monday, we went out to the cemetary and visited Great Grandma & Grandpa Marshall, and Uncle Tony, Jason's God Father Dave Hamms. Then we went and visited my Great Grandparents and grandparents. Have lunch out, did a little shopping at Menards, and then spent some time playing Beatles Rock Band!

    Jacob had a friend spend the night on Sunday so we had to drop him off first. We pretty go every year and have since Jacob was Joshua's age. We take pictures of Jason, Jake and Josh and so it will be really neat to see the progression of the ages, growth size and stuff. Jacob is an entire foot taller than me now!!

    Congrats on the weight loss! I have to toot my own horn too. I've been working since Easter (about a month) and so far I've lost 25 lbs! I want to loose a total of 100 so it's going to take me awhile, but Joshua is six now so I have no more excuses to say it's baby weight. I too skip the pop, fast food, and regular chocolate. I do the 90% carbo cho, it's bitter, but still sweet, less calories and I can never say I'll give up chips. They are my one and only true vice. All kinds!! They are so bad for you!!!

  2. You know, I don't know how I did it either! LOL!! She kept trying to get at me on the ladder and was hitting her head and I had to stop 100 times, haha, it did take me all week to get done! Thanks! :)

    Sammy and Anthony had a great time! They did take photos, I'll have to get them on the comp for him and post some for you to see!

    Sounds like you all did have a great Memorial Day. I think it's awesome that you go and visit your family....what a great way to pay your respects, keep their memory alive.

    Seeing your kids' growth in photos is so cool! They never believe they were ever smaller than they are at the present moment, lol, so its nice to have proof! :) I can't believe Jacob is a whole foot taller than you! DANG!

    Thanks! My gosh, 25 pounds is quiet an accomplishment! WAY TO GO!!!! I'll be your cheerleader to help you reach your goal! :) Yeah, chips are so delicious. I've banned them from the house! LOL

  3. Bec you're a supermom!!!
    I love the bathroom, it's such a pretty blue!
    I want to watch what I eat more too, I eat way too many whole bags of chips :( I have gained a little weight and can't fit in all of my pants lol.

    Um that has to be my fave pic of Molly ever! She looks like a little dancer, can u email that one to me?!
    I want a photoshoot when I visit for better blog photo hehe! If you wanna of course.
    And your friend is hot, can we be introduced? ;)


  4. Aww, shucks. Sometimes I feel like I am! :)

    Dang, what is it with chips! Why were they even invented?! LOL Good luck Jill, I know it's hard. I think I'm going to allow myself to have chocolate (or something along those lines) once a week because it's hard to do away with it altogether. That makes me want it more. So we'll see. Maybe limit yourself to eating chips once a week??

    I sent the pic to you! Glad you like it! She loves to dance actually, its WAY cute to watch her rock back and forth when she hears music. :) Of course I'll do a photo shoot for you! That'll be fun!!

    Hahaha, I'll let him know you think so! ...he's single! ;)


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