Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Good, The Bad, And The Snot, Puke, And Poo

So, I'm back home!! Got in last night. I had a looooooong (note the extra o's - lol) couple of days. I always enjoy visiting my family very much, but as with any trip, when I'm ready to go home, I'm READY.

It's hard to travel with little ones (hard is an understatement). There is always so much to pack and it takes me days to do it. Once we finally hit the road there are so many stops to make for pee breaks, gas, and bottle feedings. You feel a sense of relief once you reach your destination, but then there is so much to unpack and set up! Blow up mattress, blankets, pillows, pack-n-play, toys, toiletries, etc. Parenting in a house different than your own posses its own challenges. This can go without examples because if you're a Mama, you know what I mean and I bet you're already nodding your head!

Here are the downers of the trip:

* I forgot my camera. I KNOW I KNOW!!! How could I? So I have no adorable photos to show you of our trip right now. Hopefully my Mother will make up a disk for me so eventually I can show you our cute mugs.

*Anthony had a pretty bad stomach ache Saturday evening. I sat up in bed with him resting against me for a few hours as he wiggled around and cried with discomfort. :( He also developed a head cold. Boy oh boy is he a sad little puppy when sick. We were less than an hour away from home yesterday when he threw up in the car. PB&J and french fries smells disgusting by the way. I jumped into the back seat to, I don't know, help? And got puke splatter all over me. This morning he has managed to get a bout of diarrhea. I've already cleaned up a mess which involved rinsing out runny poo from undies in the shower. :( Poor little man. Today is going to be a long day...

*Molly made friends with my Aunt's kitty....until Molly tripped and fell on the kitty scaring her so bad she attacked Molly and bit her hand. She wailed for what seemed like forever while my mother tried to console her. I know it sound mean, but I couldn't help but laugh. The way the kitty batted Molly's head was seriously hilarious. And in the end the bite wasn't all that bad and isn't infected or anything. You know, you'd think she'd want to leave the kitty alone after that. Not so! I spent much time trying to keep the two separated to avoid future conflict after that, lol. Molly is now sick as well. She didn't sleep well at all last night and currently has snot dripping down her face. She must think it tastes lovely because when I can't get a tissue to her nose fast enough, she proceeds to lick it. Yummy.

*I slept worth poop all 5 nights. The air mattress I was on had a leak so I'd have to wake up in the night to fill it back up. pretty annoying. I've got a terrible back and neck ache. And Anthony moves around so much in his sleep, I'd wake up with an elbow in my face and a foot in my belly. Guess no matter what you never sleep as well as you do in your own bed! :) I developed two pimples just in time for my grandma's surprise birthday party. I had a headache the whole way home yesterday and had to keep popping Excedrin which also made me feel nauseous. Anthony throwing up didn't help that any. And now I'M SICK. *sigh* No big worries though. Sickness goes around. I feel bad for my poor Aunt because she was sick while we stayed with her and so we got sick from her. I know it's hard to be the cause of sickness! lol

Here are the good parts of the trip (did you really think I was only going to bitch about the bad stuff? LOL):

*Grandma's birthday party = cake. Two types in this case. A delicious vanilla cake with strawberry filling in it and a heavenly ice cream cake. I especially love the crumblies in the middle. If I could have a cake just made out of the chocolate crumbles I'd be one happy Mama.

*It was great to visit family and show off my kiddos. They are exceptionally sweet and cute if I do say so myself.

*My Mother, Aunt, and I took the kids to an inside bounce house. It had a few blow up bouncers and two pretty cool blow up obstacle courses. I had a grand time bouncing around holding molly and watching Anthony be launched in the air! ;) I didn't feel guilty at all that I was playing too. Even when I got a few odd looks from other parents. I can only imagine how jealous they were! HAHA

*I got to go to a mall. Where I live there are no malls for miles and miles and miles and.....
Even though I only went to Bath And Body Works, it was great to just step foot in a mall. Oh, I went to Orange Julius too and got a berry something something julius. Delicious. From there we went to Target and I got Cutie Molly a swing to hang on our tree. I'm so excited to put it up!!

*Anthony and Molly got a few early b-day gifts from their Great Grandma. Sweet!!

*Anthony went ALL DAY, EVERY DAY WITHOUT A DIAPER!!!!! (with the exception of night time of course). Could this be the dawn of a new day? I'm so proud of him!

I managed to get everything unpacked and put away last night. So other than some laundry and dishes, there isn't much to do. Sammy was so sweet and made sure the house was all picked up and cleaned for when I got home. He made sure to tell me he swept the floors 2x a day. What a great man! ;) The goal for today between all the snot wiping and *hopefully* no more poop messes, is to sit back and relax. I think I've gained a few pounds from stress eating (and all the cake). LOL I'm waiting on nap time for the kids so I can go take a long hot shower.

With love,
Mama Hauck


  1. haha i remember u saying that about the ice cream cake crumbles :D me too! I love 'em.
    I'm glad u have fun even though u all got sick :/ I feel nauseous sometimes when I take Excedrin also...we should complain! lol

    I love bouncy bounces :D. You're silly.

  2. Yeah! They are def. the best part of the dang cake! LOL I had a blast. I'm glad I'm still able to play on all the fun toys. :)


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