Saturday, May 15, 2010

Just Call Me Mama Sailor

I have done a bad, bad thing. A real no-no in the Mama world. I am so ashamed I almost don't want to tell you. I have taught my son to say a not so nice word. That word is "damn it."

*crys with embarrassment*

It was not on purpose! I SWEAR!!! (haha, I do swear). It just slipped out of my mouth the other night and before I could take it back, Anthony's sweet little voice chirps up, "Dam it! Dam it!"


I've only said it once! I think! ....Ok, that's a big fat LIE. I know I've said it more than once. But to my credit, it really only takes one time for a child to learn a new word. So lets just pretend I said it once and he heard me say it once and he's super duper smart and picked it up and learned how to say it in the right context too. That makes me feel a little better.

To top it off, I must admit, I uttered a little giggle when I heard him say it. Papa actually had to tell Anthony it was a not so nice word and we shouldn't say it because I was trying to conceal my smirk and giggle. That just makes me look even worse now, doesn't it?

I never swore growing up. Then I moved away from home and BAM! Its like the curse words just dribbled out of my mouth. Did it have anything to do with all the Sailors around me? HAHAHA Maybe. Though Sammy, my favorite Sailor of all, didn't swear much. I've come a long way since then though. I really do try and watch what I say. For one, I know it's not too attractive to see this pretty little gal (that's me, lol) cussing up a storm. Second, now that I have little kiddos in tow, as we all know they are quiet impressionable. In fact, I've actually scolded some people in the past for cursing in front of Anthony. Once in a video store I asked this lady to keep her cuss words to herself. Another time was at a park. I thought that young mob of teens was going to come over and beat me up! Instead they scoffed at me and wandered away.

Mama: 1 Teenage mob: 0

From this day forward I vow to be EXTRA CAREFUL about watching my language. I will take consolation though in the fact that there are way more naughty words Anthony could have said. I'll take Damn it over
shit any day! :)

With love,
Sailor Mama Hauck


  1. Worry Not B! It happens to the best of us! Josh once said in his sweet 5 year old voice, "I'm so pissed at you" WHAT?? WHERE did he hear this??? Couldn't be ME!! Well, yes it was from a day earilier when I was cleaning up dog pooh for the 700th time in one day and uttered the same exact phrase to our dog Brutus. "Stop pooping on the floor, I'm so pissed at you". So we are all guilty of this flaw!!

    I too have learned to watch my words and listen carefully to those around us. One Sunday morning we were in Denny's eating breakfast and of the entire resturant they seat a pack of wild teens right behind us. It was f word this, and bs word that, with a little other foreigh stuff mixed in. So I leaned back in my seat and asked them very nicely could they please watch their tone, I have a 5 and 11 year old here. To which they promply called me an "old bitch" and continuted to speak however they choose. So, I complained to the mananger and we left.

    Sometimes we slip up, I'm so not perfect, I swear, I try to be awear of when my kids are around, but to just keep going on and on and on as those kids did was just plain rude.

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  3. Haha! They are just quick copiers, aren't they? My little one would see me and hubby raise our voices to each other, he would watch intently , and later start a litany of unintelligible words. His voice raised too. (he 18mos old) So hub and I would just stop and giggle.

  4. Lori - LOL!!! I know, I'm always like, "I don't say that. Do I? Ugh....guess I do." They always say such naughty words in the sweetest voice!
    That is extremely rude....sounds like they were all showing off for each other. Dang, there shouldn't have to be, but it would SOOO be worth it to have a strictly "family" section in restaurants. I know I always worry about who we sit next to in a restaurant.

    I'm No Miss - They are! I find myself constantly telling my husband not to do or say something we don't want Anthony to mimic because it only takes ONE TIME and our son will pick it up. Then it's my mouth that is the one to get him to say a naughty word! LOL
    Isn't it so funny when they do their little babbling!...and with inflection in his voice, too cute! What a smart little boy. :)

  5. haha! Hopefully he will forget it soon :D
    lol once u left NY u started cursing? Must be because you were away from your BFF! :P

  6. Aww! This was really cute. At least it wasn't worse...I've seen way worse thanks to the Internets. Also, sparking wiggles (shudder).

  7. Hahaha. Your baby is cute! But he will forget that word in a few-- uhm, months. LOL

  8. Jill - HAHA, one curse word let to another, then another, then another and so on....I lived on a Navy Island surrounded by sailors. ;)

    Sadako - Yes, it could have been much worse! There are far naughtier words to be said. I can picture in a few years telling him, "Do you want me to wash your mouth out with soap young man!" hehehe

    Gnetch - Thanks! Yeah!! Months is about right. I'm not so sure he's willing to let that word go just yet. *sigh* He's said it a few more times (this time it was Papa's fault!) UGH! :)


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