Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mama's Day

First, lets run through my list of "Mothers Day Wishes" and see if I got any! ;)

*My hubby to NOT be on call for work this weekend. :(
*Well, he was on call, but never got called in. YAY!

*A hot bubble bath that isn't interrupted by children either needing to go potty or looking to join me in the tub.

*Never did take a long, hot bubble bath.

*A yummy alcoholic beverage.

*Nope, no alcoholic beverage.

*New bathroom towels. Heck, make that a new bathroom. :)

*We did go shopping for new bathroom towels, but didn't buy any because they all sucked. So we went off to The Home Depot and priced out a whole new bathroom for *hopefully* the not so distant future. :)

*More sleep.....sweet, uninterrupted sleep.

*Sammy got up to feed Molly at 6 and she fell back asleep....granting us 2 1/2 more hours of sleep!

*Sunshine and warm weather. Perfect for frolicking around outside having a dandy 'ol time!

*The weather was FANTASTIC!!! Sunny and low 70's! We went on a hike and I was able to take some photos! It was awesome!

*No sick kiddos and no sick Mama.....can we lick these colds by then? *sigh* I hope!!

*Anthony and I aren't sick anymore, but poor little Molly still has her cold. At least it hasn't been as bad.

*Cake. Or brownies....or ice cream, etc. ;)

*Lets just say my man is the BEST ever! He surprised me with an ice cream cake from DQ!!!! Now wasn't I just talking about how I love the crumblies!!!? YUM!

*No laundry, no dishes, no sweeping, no vacuuming.

*I didn't do any laundry, nor sweeping, nor vacuuming. But I did wash a few dishes. Hubby did 90% of the dishes. ;)

*A big 'ol hug and kiss from my babies and hubby.

*Check and check!!

*A day off from diaper changing duty and potty escort duty.

* Ok, so I only did about 50% of the diaper changing. And I did have a big stinker of a one. But 50% is better than 100%! LOL

*A full body massage with lavender oil.

*Sadly, no. Though Sammy says he was thinking about it the whole day (course he was, haha).

*No meltdowns, only laughter and smiles (totally wishful thinking!! haha).

*Hmmm...maybe only a handful of little meltdowns? :) The kiddos were extremely good up until Home Depot. Then they got antsy. Ah well!

*Breakfast in bed. Pancakes, please!

* I didn't eat in bed, but I did have a scrumptious pancake breakfast! Along with hash browns and little smokies. Delicious.

Yes, I had a fantastic Mothers Day!
Sammy took some pictures of me and the kids for me. They turned out sweet. :)





We've always loved hiking, but haven't been able to get out and do it much lately. So I was stoked we went for a hike yesterday! Not very far, just a ways in the woods from our house and then over to visit our neighbors. Anthony loves looking at their horses. On our hike I was able to take some great photos of some flowers (I'm saving these photos for My Photo Tuesday tomorrow!!!) and the kids.




After our hike, we had a PB&J lunch. Yummy! LOL Then we hopped in the car and hit the road for a leisurely drive down this one back country road. It was beautiful. The kids fell asleep so we jumped out and were able to take a few more photos. We ended up at Home Depot where we fawned over new bathroom things and mentally added them to our wish list. Fun!




The day was topped off with a card from my hubby, a card from my kiddos, and a surprise ice cream cake from DQ! SWEET!!


I am one lucky Mama! :)

With love,

Mama Hauck


  1. Found your blog on 20sb. Its so sweet!

  2. Hey, Jennifer! Thank you for checking me out! :)

  3. Hey There! Sounds like your Mothers day was amazing!!

    Well, I got a lot on my wish list too. I got to eat out at my favorite place for lunch, I got homemade cards from my boys and a Happy Mothers day first thing in the AM. I didn't have to wash one dish or fold one item of clothes (Thanks Jason for taking care of that for me) I didn't have to cook any meals, but declined to take part in the supper Jason made for the boys cuz I was still full from lunch! I did not get my slippers, however each of the boys gave me a couple of CD's that I've been wanting for a very long time. I aslo got a cute little home-made coupon book with things like "two hugs" "Three kisses" and that was suoper sweet. After lunch we went to Como zoo! and spend the day together, it was very nice outside, a little windy, but no rain!! So, like you all in all it was a great day and I got most of what I wanted on my mom's day wish list!!

  4. It was amazing! We had such a great time! I LOVE being able to get out and take photos!

    Way to go Jason for picking up the chores! lol
    I love those cute coupon books! I remember I made one for my mom for mothers day when I was in elementary school or something! Too funny! I'm so glad you had a great time! I know I've said it before, but I LOVE THE ZOO! hehe

  5. Love it! Love all the photos so glad you had a wonderful Mother's day!

  6. Aww, Molly's first mom's day :D
    You look so tiny Bec! I'm glad you had a great day , u deserve it!


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