Monday, March 29, 2010

Potty Training Update

Anthony is currently on his 5th sticker potty chart!

The circled dinos are doo-doos. HAHA!

He continues to be pretty good about telling us when he has to go. He is even starting to count 1-2 when we put each leg in his underwear and pull them up. Too cute.

We've had a few hickups though.

He's had a couple accidents in his underwear, so obviously we still put on a diaper for nap time, bed time, and whenever we go somewhere. Though occasionally he's been great about letting us know he has to go potty when we're out even though he knows he has a diaper on. I have a 2-go foldable Spongebob potty seat that is just the cutest thing! Last week we went to the store and he told me he had to go. I was frantically searching in the car for the dang potty seat, thinking I had for sure put it in there. Guess not. We continue to run into K-mart and head for the bathroom. It was difficult to get him to sit on the toilet, it was so big...and I'm sure he didn't dig sitting on a 2 inch thick padding of toilet paper to keep the yuckies away. We wound up getting pee everywhere but in the toilet.

Note to self: Remember to put 2-go potty seat in the car. For real.

One day I forgot to put a diaper on him for nap time and I don't know if he was dreaming about waterfalls or what, but his waterfall wound up all over my couch. It took a long time to clean that all up and get rid of the smell. Ugh. I don't forget to put one on now.

He has started to use having to go wee wee as an excuse to get out of time out. The little bugger!! To try and fix that I'm letting him go, but having him finish up his TO when he's done on the potty. He doesn't like this, so I'm hoping he'll learn to just get his TO over and done with instead of trying to get out of it.

Potty Training Goals:
Undies for all waking hours. Including outside play and on the go. I foresee many changes of clothing in the future. :) I'd like to achieve this goal by his 3rd birthday the end of June. Wish me luck!

My little guy in his cute undies! :)

With love,
Mama Hauck

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