Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Beautiful Morning

February 10, 2010

I did a double take at the calendar today when I saw it was the 28th. That makes Miss Molly 9 months old!! That also means in 3 months time she will be a year.....and Anthony will be 3. Where does the time go? I don't even want to close my eyes in fear of opening them back up and seeing them all grown. That little lump in my throat has become all to familiar to me lately...I get so choked up. It seems every time I turn around Mols is learning something new and Anth is spitting out a word I'd never heard him say before. Baby Molly, how did you do that!? Hammer? When did you learn that word!?


On Friday Sammy had the day off from work. Anthony woke up and came running to our room at 8:15. He crawled into bed and snuggled between us, turning from Mama to Papa and giving us kisses. He is always so dang happy when he realizes Papa is home and not gone at work. Shortly thereafter Molly woke up. We all heard a little cry and Anthony, being the silly boy he is, throws his cupped hand up to his ear and exclaims, "What's that!? Baby's awake!!" Papa went and got her, carrying her into the room legs all kicking, huge grin on her face. It was sweet watching them bounce around the bed without a care in the world, giggling up a storm. Pretty soon we found ourselves watching Sesame Street and munching on Corn Pop cereal. It was a beautiful morning. I couldn't think of anything I would have rather been doing then snuggling with my babies. I often wonder how long it will be before they wont want to cuddle in bed with us anymore. I hope not for a long, long time.

With love,
Mama Hauck

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  1. I cannot believe Anthony will be 3 next time I see him!! And Molly a year old! ahhh


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