Thursday, February 25, 2010




Oh my little ones, I beg you please stop growing!
Each day that passes is so bitter sweet

If I could stop time, I would stop it on today

I would have you two forever fit perfectly in my lap
And forever cradled against my chest

Because I know...

One day you will not need me to kiss your little boo-boos
There will be no more cuddles in my bed at 6:00 a.m.
You wont always want Papa and I to tuck you in at night
No singing silly little made up songs just to see you giggle
No need for bibs and burp cloths

Someday you wont want my happy potty dance
There will be no more need for a time out spot
You wont always want to have a tickle war with Papa
No spilt sippy cups or pretzel crumbs to clean up off the couch
No searching for tiny missing socks

One day there will be no cars to rescue from under the TV stand
There will be no more Sesame Street on in the background
You wont always want me to smother you in kisses
No tripping over toys I know I've already picked up a hundred times before
No more need for me to tie your shoes

Someday you wont fall asleep in my arms late at night
There will be no more pitter patter of little feet to fill this house
You wont always want us to pull you in the wagon
No little voice always following behind me asking, "Mama, what's that?"
No more tiny hand print smudges on the windows

So many things I know will someday be no more
But I take joy in knowing not everything will change
I will always be your proud Mama
You two will always be my babies
I will always love you to the moon and back
And I will always follow you anywhere

Forever loving you two,


  1. I love this, it reads like a poem :)

    I just did a post about you :


  2. Brought tears to my eyes...Beautiful!

  3. Hey Bec, I just gave you your first blog award :) Check it out and pass it on. All you have to do is copy the photo and post and pass it on. :)

  4. Becca, I thought it time to get to know you a little better because, well, you've made an impression on me. But in a good way, not in a creepy-blog-stalker-kinda-way.

    Just sayin'. :)

    I've decided to go back through your blog a bit more. I've already read your intro, so what better place to start than at the post you wrote on my birthday? As luck would have it it's a poem; as you probably know by now I have a great love for poetry so this is like the stars aligning for me. Yes, it's all about me. Me, me, ME. Kidding.

    This poem is so well expressed, very honest. I feel your frustration here, your helplessness, your many many tears (they're not lost on me), your love for your children. It is heartbreaking, but it's also hopeful. Here's why.

    Like everyone I've had moments in my life that I wished I could suspend in time. When things were so absolutely perfect I knew they would only last for that one fleeting moment. And I was so aware of this that I just enjoyed the hell out of it, for however long it lasted.

    Being as acutely aware as you are of time not standing still for your children is the best place you could possibly be in. Because it forces you to fully enjoy each precious moment with them. This awareness is not something to be saddened by but embraced as a great gift. The tragedy would be in not recognizing the importance and joy of this time in your children's lives until it's too late. We both know time waits for no one.

    As you can imagine I've read blogs on just about every subject you can think of. Many have an intensity, but I don't know that I've ever felt as much love on any of them as I have here. Although I don't have children of my own that emotion is universal; it speaks to the person you are, which is what keeps me around.

    Any child would be blessed to have a mother like you.


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